Ardry Farms

Ardry Farms is a family-run, fourth-generation farm located in Centre County just off of Route 64, about half way between Bellefonte and Lock Haven. The farm has grown produce and raised livestock for nearly 100 years. Willis, along with his sons Wayne, Mark and Tom, crop farm, raise beef cattle and chickens and grow an array of produce, including strawberries, peas, beans, broccoli, cabbage, sweet corn, tomatoes and melons. In addition, Mark's wife, Samantha, bakes a variety of confections and makes seasonal popsicles for the spring and summer markets. She writes a blog that includes recipes and photographs of the farm (

Willis's grandfather, Howard Sr., began attending the Bellefonte Farmers Market back in the 1930's. Years later, the brothers began helping their grandfather, Howard Jr., at market as young as eight years old. Today, the farm participates in the Boalsburg, Original Bellefonte and North Atherton Farmers' Markets. In addition, they supply local grocery stores like Wegmans and Save-A-Lot with seasonal produce and various concession vendors with potatoes for french fries during fair season.




  • Potatoes
  • Free range eggs
  • Sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers
  • Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage
  • Homemade donuts & baked goods
  • Seasonal fruit popsicles


  • Mark:
  • Samantha:
  • Phone: 814-383-2656

By far, I am most grateful for family. I’m thankful for my family’s unwavering love and belief in me, for Mark and his family’s kindness, generosity and support, and for the community members that know and love the farm.

— Samantha Ardry

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