Amigos Gringos

written by Papa Sings, BFM Music Orgainzer
compiled and edited by Chelsea Vecchiarelli

Let me transport you back out of this cold messy preview of winter to a lovelier time at the market.

Amigos Gringos delivered tunes flavored with heaps of latino rhythms and stories from south-o-de-border.

The band's family helpings of songs are spiced with hot instrument ingredients and vocal condiments of tasty harmonies sure to satisfy any musical appetite.

Keep and eye out for Amigos Gringos around the area.  They will lift your spirits and make you smile.

Be sure to visit the winter market and shop for your vendors favorite goodies.  They appreciate the market atmosphere we help create as shown by their generous fair trade for our music.

Stay warm and warmed up until April we send out the musical line up for May and June at market Tuesdays.

Thank you Amigos Gringos!
Maria Clara, Caroline Cardona, Duverney Chaverra, Venessa Macias, Thomas Whitmer, George Macias, Kurt Kroeker, Gus Tritsch