Ardry Farms Recipe: Potato Omelette

As winter finally loosens its icy grip and gives way to spring, outdoor market season is upon us once more.  If you are having a hard time finding exactly what you want at market, fear not: the best is yet to come.  Good food takes time, and trust me, we farmers are hustling behind the scenes to make your produce dreams come true.  But until the advent of strawberries and sweet corn, there is so much magic you can make with the humblest of ingredients - ingredients that are not only readily available at the Boalsburg Farmers Market, but that may already be in your pantry at this very moment.

Enter the omelette.  This particular omelette is the lovechild of a potato rosti (think hash brown pancake) and a classic two-egg omelette.  All of the primary ingredients (of which there are a whopping five) are combined in a single bowl and then cooked in a single pan. The hardest part about this recipe is flipping the thing, which does not need to be done in the air like an Iron Chef.  Once the omelette is cooked fully on one side, it is easy enough to turn over with a spatula for the faint of heart.  And the best part about this recipe is it serves as breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a side dish.  I love serving it with a tender lettuce salad mix from Tamarack Farm.  For the cheese in this omelette, Clover Creek Cheese Cellar's Romano-style Royer Mountain cheese is particularly delicious. They even sell grated cheese now, so the only thing you have to grate are the potatoes from our farm.  We have the eggs, too!

The recipe is on our website, along with pictures of prepping seed potatoes for planting on the farm!