Clover Creek Cheese Cellar

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar is the business that allows the Rice family to sustain their small family farm. Started in 2005, the business now markets their farmstead cheese, grass fed beef and raw milk throughout Pennsylvania. 

Many people ask, "What is unique about your cheese?"

  • Our milk is from a single herd who are all fed grass pasture

  • Our cheese is made from fresh raw milk started during the milking time

  • Our cheese is allowed to naturally age and mature in wheels

  • Mold rinds develop naturally and are scrubbed or wiped with vinegar, olive oil, or wine as needed

  • Cheese is kept at a temperature that encourages growth of internal and external beneficial bacteria improving flavor of the cheese

  • Wheels are cut and vacuum packed after aging for best flavor

  • A living cheese rind may develop additional molds as it continues aging in your refrigerator.  Scrub with a stiff food brush, or trim the rind before eating the cheese.



  • Raw milk from our grass fed cows
  • Clover ~ our cellar-aged mild cheddaalen's Good Old ~ our Gouda styleSmoked Galen's ~ our smoked Gouda
  • Bruschedda ~ our basil, garlic, and dried tomato cheddar
  • Uncle Joe's ~ our Asiago matured for over twelve months
  • α & Ω ~ our own cows’ milk feta
  • Pirate Blue ~ our blue cheese
  • Royer Mountain ~ our Romano matured for over twelve months
  • Four Leaf Clover ~ our sharp cheddar matured for over twelve months
  • Wild Mushroom ~ our chanterelle mushroom and chive cheese
  • Winemaker's Select ~ our mild asiago marinated in a Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Grateful Ched ~ our mature cheddar marinated in East End Brewery's Gratitude Barleywine beer


  • Clover Creek Cheese Cellar, LLC
    5161 Clover Creek Road
    Williamsburg, PA 16693
  • 814.832.3755 (phone and fax)

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