Over the Moon Farm

We are a diversified, grass-based organically-certified 26 acre farm in lovely Brush Valley, east of State College, PA. We raise chickens, pigs, turkeys and hay. Animals are raised outdoors on pasture (with access to shelter) on “natural” feeds. This means, non-GMO grains for the pigs and organic feed for the poultry. No antibiotics or hormones or non-food ingredients in the feed.

We sell chicken by the whole or half and a diversity of pork cuts including no-nitrate bacons (regular and Canadian), 100% meat hot dogs, and 12 kinds of sausage. Seasonally (fall/winter) we sell pork roasts, hams and other hunky cuts as well as whole turkeys for Thanksgiving (please PRE-ORDER!).

Also at our farm, we have a cottage ”get-away” and a great new barn available for rent for your group events. See our website for more information.




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