Salúd Kombucha


A naturally fermented, non-alcoholic beverage, kombucha is full of probiotics and detoxifying acids. It's not only good for your gut and your health, it is naturally bubbly, zesty and refreshingly delicious. At Salúd Kombucha, we brew small-batch artisanal kombucha. In the summer of 2017, we became the first kombucha available on tap in the State College area.

"Solar-Powered, Spring Water Kombucha"
We brew our kombucha in the certified kitchen at our off-grid, solar-powered homestead. Our water source is
a spring that emerges on our property. So all of our kombucha is powered by the sun and brewed with
pure mountain spring water (UV filtered and tested), for the best taste with no chemicals. 
So you can feel as good about our product as we do!

From our family to yours... Salúd!