Stone Meadow Farm

At Stone Meadow Farm, we raise milking and beef cattle in the beautiful pastures of Centre County, Pennsylvania. Our herd is a mix of Jersey, Milking Shorthorn and Red Devon cattle. We care for them using all natural methods and only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary. Calves are born on the farm each year, which initiates the start of the milking season. During which, the cows eat only from fresh pastures of grass, clover and alfalfa with a proper balance of hay and mineral supplements (they love their kelp!). All calves are pastured with their moms until they are weaned or butchered for veal. Beef and veal are available frozen in almost all cuts.

We offer everything from hot dogs to sirloin steaks to liver. Our cheeses are made directly on the farm from fresh, whole unpasteurized milk, which is dense with nutrients due to our farming practices and breed of cows. This makes our cheese more digestible and nourishing than most other cheeses.

We make a variety of hard cheeses: Cheddar, Swiss, Colby and Jalapeno Jack. In addition, we seasonally offer soft cheeses, Camembert and Taleggio, which are truly a specialty for our region, as well as our smoked cheeses. We exceed all state requirements for safety and quality in the production of Stone Meadow Farm cheese and beef. From our farm to your table, we're sure you'll enjoy our delightful products!



  • 190 Quarry Rd Woodward, PA 16882
  • 814.380.8433

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