Pipers Peck

The Piper’s Peck is a family-owned hot pepper business located in Bellefonte. We grow our own hot peppers, which we use in the salsas and hot pepper jellies made here on our small farm. Our product line includes something for everyone, from medium hot to nice and hot. You can enjoy such products as five varieties of salsa, six flavors of hot pepper jelly, three types of hot peppers for sandwiches, Piccalilli (a green tomato relish), hot barbecue sauce, six varieties of fruit preserves, ten flavors of homemade fudge, and two fudge sauces. We also sell six varieties of fresh hot peppers.

We have several best sellers including Black Bean Salsa, Golden Salsa, Hot Pepper Jelly, Habanero Pepper Jelly, and Raspberry-Chipotle Preserves. Thank you to all our faithful customers!

Come visit our stand at the Boalsburg Farmers’ Market where you’ll have an opportunity to sample the products, and talk with the owner, Janet Robinson. The market is a nice place to spend some time, with plenty of parking, a picnic area, and a great variety of vendors to chat with and supply your grocery needs.



  • Salsa
  • Hot Pepper Jellies
  • Fruit Jellies


Pipers Peck Gallery